Methodology - L10N
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The translation is imperceptible. Only the message prevails.


Imperceptible Translation

We help companies and organizations to communicate.

We guarantee the quality and reliability of your communication.

We respect content and messages, regardless of the target language.

We overcome cultural barriers and break down every linguistic issue.

This arduous battle can only be won with extensive experience and knowledge. Our translation is invisible to the final reader, as it should be. This is how we take your voice even further, with all of the clarity and faithfulness of the original.

We forge the path with confidence. And your business will move forward.

When the translation begins, work has long since started

It all begins with the dialog with the customer,

where the language consultant takes note of the customer’s goals.

A high-quality translation requires involvement from everyone: language consultant, translators and customer –everything from terminology, target audience and style is decided during the initial conversation.

Thanks to their experience, language consultants can find the talent best suited to each project.

The team of linguists who will translate and revise your translation is now ready to start your project.

1,000 Decisions per Minute – The Translator

The translator reads and analyses the project briefing

and the working text.

Then the magic begins: making the reader of the original text and the reader of the translation take away the same message. To do this, the translator reads and decodes the sentence’s meaning in the original. Next, the sentence is carefully encoded in the target language to preserve the same meaning. In seconds, the translator chooses, compares and rejects,

The right words are chosen

and creates the right sentence.

Years of translation experience and linguistic studies are leveraged in every second. Each word is carefully thought out. Each sentence is built with a purpose, because every text is unique. The art and science of knowing how to choose the right words. Communicating on behalf of others, without being seen.

The Art is in the Details – The Editor

An appetite for detail

is a key quality for those dedicated to perfecting what has already been written.

The editor will ensure that the text conveys the right message clearly and without mistakes.

More than just finding typos,

the editor will confirm that the text’s final version is accurate and culturally suited to the reader.

Editors are experienced professionals with technical expertise in making the necessary adjustments to the text to pass on its message and achieve its goals.

Doubt is a Good Guide – The Quality Controller

Thanks to a number of tools and techniques,

quality controllers can look at the most minute details:

terminology, punctuation, formatting… nothing escapes their eye. They are the final guarantee of quality.

They carefully check every point.

They ensure that all of the customer’s preferences have been followed.

After the final inspection, the translation's final version is delivered: the culmination of hours of care and years of know-how, which must be invisible. Only the message prevails.

Do you have a document to translate? We are here to help.