The Invisible - L10N
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Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we all spoke the same language?

The Invisible


The final product is a text which, when read by a native speaker, passes for an original.

This is why our brand signature is our ideal of “making translation invisible”.

L10N provides translation and language consulting services.

It adds value and adaptability to the translation. It does not mirror the content, but rather assimilates it.

This work is reflected in clearer, more precise translated content.

As a result, we can extend your sphere of influence.


  • Repetição

    Repetition. Re-use.

    L10N allows identical content to be re-used between several documents, thereby optimizing the investment.

  • Eficiência


    L10N streamlines each brand message, with quick turnover through terminology management.

  • Adaptabilidade


    L10N's team and services both have an outstanding ability to adapt to the individual circumstances and contexts of every project.



    L10N's premium service is characterized by the invisibility of a highly complex process in the end result.

How do we do it?

The language is always the right path


On the one hand, there is our customer: the source of the message.

The customer wants to communicate with someone who speaks a different language.

The language barrier must be broken.


On the other hand, there is the audience: customers, business partners or employees.
They read the content in their mother tongue. They believe what they are reading. They must be sure they can trust the message, whether it is to buy, repair, sign up or take a medication.
If the message is confusing or unclear, they will have doubts, and choose to do nothing.

emissor recetor

Therefore, the source – our customer –  and the audience must be sure that the same information is conveyed in the original and in the translated content.

This is the only way to share the information, enabling cooperation.

This is localization. More than just translating, it is adapting to local markets.

We help our customers break down the language barrier to reach their audience in any part of the world.

To do so, we have a solid mastery of local issues to adapt the content to the reader’s circumstances: cultural references, values and professional jargon.

This is L10N… “Making translation invisible

Any reader will read the translation as if it were the original – the translation is invisible, since no one can tell the difference between the original and the translation: “Making translation invisible“.

More than just a translation from one language to another, it is conveying a single idea in different languages.

Do you have a document to translate? We are here to help.