The 10 sentences you should never say to a translator’s face

The 10 sentences you should never say to a translator’s face


Wait… What? You do translations for a living? Is that even a real job?


So you said you are a translator, yet you only speak three foreign languages!


What does (insert random word here with zero context) mean? You are a translator, right? You should know it.


Why do you need dictionaries? Aren’t you a professional translator?


We just had a student write a 113-page document. Can you quickly proofread it for us?


We need you to translate this super confidential document. We can’t show it to you just yet because it’s secret, but we need to know how much you are going to charge.


Please can you provide me with a quote for the translation of my website? It's about 150 pages and I have no idea how many words are in there.


My aunt speaks French so she looked over your translation and says it’s absolute rubbish.


There's no way it will take that long! The document is only 30 pages; it shouldn't take you longer than a day. After all, you claim to be a professional.


Why are you charging so much? There’s a bunch of free software that do machine translations; this should be much more reasonably priced.