Story - L10N
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Our Story

We entered the translation market in 2002 with a different name, but our passion hasn’t changed.

We began by translating for the automotive and industrial sector. However, the precision and care needed to translate for the medical and pharmaceutical sector is what took us even further.

Today, we work in every sector with the same ease and personal commitment.

Origin of the L10N Brand

Staying true to ourselves and to our meticulous and dedicated nature, in 2009, we changed to a new brand name: L10N.

Since then, our team has held steady to the letter.

We are called L10N because we are specialists in localization. In other words, we are specialists in adapting content or a product to a given market or culture around the world. And if the world is immense, our work is focused.

making translation invisible

The Right Words

In every project we follow precise procedures to pick the right word. Every translated sentence hides many decisions.

One must have discretion and knowledge.

The final document is a text which, when read by a native speaker, sounds just like the original. This is why our brand signature is our ideal of “making translation invisible”.

L10N - Making Translation Invisible
We are L10N, and this is our story.
A story based on a culture of sincerity and dedication.
With passion and a bold step forward.
Do you have a document to translate? We are here to help.