L10N acronym - L10N
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L10N acronym

L10N > T9N, G11N, L18N, L10N?

Translation, localization, internationalization, globalization – what are the differences?

What the acronyms mean, one by one
  • T9N


    Translation (T9N) is the rendering of one language into another. It is replacing a text in English with another in Portuguese. It is a conversion. After clearly understanding the meaning of the original, the translator says the same thing in another language, remaining faithful to the original. They must be equivalent.


    Localization (L10N) is the adaptation of a document, software, game or product to a specific community's language and culture. A simple translation, which disregards the reader’s culture, can cause the product to be rejected. Being the same is not enough; the message must be appropriate. The names of car models are one example: they don't always work in certain markets due to the word's connotation, and must be changed.

  • L18N


    Internationalization (L18N) is conceiving and developing a document, software, game or product to facilitate the localization process for a given target audience with a different culture, religion or language. It is preparing a car’s production line to install the steering wheel on the right side, or the software to show Arabic from right to left.

  • G11N


    Globalization (G11N) is the set of development processes carried out by an organization to sell globally. It is thinking about the particular traits of foreign markets where one is planning to do business. This involves financial, legal, logistical and marketing aspects.

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